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Why Is This Thing?

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Why Is This Thing?

Post by Cordelia on Mon Mar 14, 2016 5:58 pm

It's no secret the indie market is flooded with so much unedited drivel the real gems are hard to find; buried far beyond a reader's patience to look for them. This is an unfortunate byproduct of making services extremely accessible to the masses, even when it allows truly stellar writers the ability to bypass stuffy old publishers. While it may take reading ten really terrible attempts at novels to find something you legitimately enjoyed, the fact of the matter is, these excellent books really do exist, and they probably aren't getting the attention they deserve.

That's why this section exists; to shine a light on deserving indie authors, and maybe give the slush pile surrounding them a miss.

Feel free to discuss any books or authors you find, in general, all over this section. Keep reviews and recommendations in their proper places, though.

If you have recommendation for a book to be reviewed, please feel free to voice it in the Suggestions subforum (back one screen, and above).

If you'd like to post a review, please feel free to submit it in the Reviews subforum. We will also be promoting community members to Staff Writers periodically.  Among their duties will be reading indie selections of their choosing (including those from the Suggestions you make), and writing official, in depth, comprehensive, spoiler-free reviews I hope you will come to trust over time.

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