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Post by Cordelia on Tue Dec 20, 2016 6:40 pm

I'm sure most of us have seen this by now, but I still love the results.  Sometimes they get crazy unpronounceable -- just absolutely stuffed with consonants and no useable vowels -- but a lot of the time they form some pretty awesome options that can inspire stories and characters.

Add your dragon names to this thread, and let everyone know if they can use your dragon name for something they're writing.

Here are mine:  I'm Sateald.

My brother: Sh'teald (Uateald)
My girlfriend: Edetral
My mom: Datemam
My dad: Imtefro (Rdtefrl)
My gran: Endejen
My bestie: Myenjue
My roomie: Cackkil

Unfortunately, these are not up for general use, as we use them in various places, ourselves, and would prefer they remain ours.  However, you're free to use whatever inspiration you receive from them, as long as you don't use the actual dragon name we achieved.

So, what are your results??

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