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Six-Word Story Challenge

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Six-Word Story Challenge

Post by Cordelia on Mon May 16, 2016 3:48 pm

I was inspired by this post over on BrainJet. It showcases the power just a few words have to convey not only emotion, but context.

Take these, for instance:

1. Voyager still transmitted, but Earth didn't.
2. Introduced myself to mother again today.
3. Siri, delete mom from my contacts.

Each of these contains six words, but they convey a world of meaning behind them, which can paint the context of the story without a story needing to be told.  

The first addresses a future when the Voyager space probe is still transmitting data from the furthest reaches of our galaxy, but there's no one left alive on Earth to receive it.

The second is the story of someone who must deal with the emotional strain of interacting with a mother suffering Alzheimer's.

The third is less straightforward, but more personal.  You can't say what precipitated it, but you know something dire has happened.  A fight too great to overcome.  A mother who has passed.  You get insight into the narrator's existance for a moment, and in this example you're left with questions inspired by a deep emotion.  So this is an excellent example of how to pull readers in with questions to keep them reading for answers. 

This is an important skill to develop as a writer, because words are our currency.  We have to spend them well to tell the story well.  You don't want writing to be like riding a bike on the loosest gear setting; it's like pedaling a thousand cycles to move a few feet forward.  So, too, is using a thousand words that add nothing to the story, as a whole.

This challenge is designed to get you thinking about your word choices.  Compose a story with only six words, and try to imply the context of the situation without actually addressing the situation.

4. Goodbye, mission control.  Thanks for trying.

Post whenever inspiration provides the words.

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Re: Six-Word Story Challenge

Post by IllusoryPhoenix on Thu Jun 16, 2016 3:26 am

= He Died. You Died. Everyone Died.
= A room to clean. No success.
= I caught Zigzagoon. I'm the Champion.

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