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The Many Misadventures of Captain Clap (Under Construction Thanks to Writer's Block)

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The Many Misadventures of Captain Clap (Under Construction Thanks to Writer's Block) Empty The Many Misadventures of Captain Clap (Under Construction Thanks to Writer's Block)

Post by monsters2312 on Sun Oct 02, 2016 7:06 pm

---- Creative Commons License: Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike ----

Episode 1 - "The Clap That Started It All"

The camera turns on and a house appears in a very arid location. The camera zooms in and captures a man sitting at his personal computer typing away. He is seen chatting with members of some sort of site but then....He pauses instantly.

clap clap clap

"Wh-wha?" mutters John astonished. He stares at the screen in disbelief. Someone had straight up criticized him. This hurt John very deeply.

In the following years, John fought depression. He decided enough was enough and wanted to end it. It's 11 at night, now. Time's-a tickin'. The camera zooms into his living room.

John sighs deeply. "I just can't take it" he told himself. He points the gun to his head, it's now or never. He pulls the trigger, and hears the gun fire...Nothing happens. He pulls it again, but nothing happens.

"Is it out of bullets? What's going on...?" He thinks to himself.

John looks down in shame, he can't even kill himself. Suddenly, he realizes and almost passes out. He looks at the gun which was never empty, the bullets had gone out and hit him but never did any harm. The bullets seemed to have bounced off of his skin. That's when he realized what he had to do. He has to find that man before he can do any harm. He decided to do this the only way he knew how, by becoming a superhe- I can't do this, what the hell is wrong with this guy? Why not just talk it out? Why does he insist on becoming a crime-fighting hero? Whatever, man I'm out. See you next episode, I guess.

The screen fades to black.

Episode 2: "A New Evil"

Words appear on the screen:

After realizing the immense power he held, the mysterious man decided to abuse it. That same man is now the supervillain that goes by the name (X, yes I forgot the name Red suggested and I agreed with. Brb trying to resolve rn xD). He has already criticized, and terrorized thousands of people with his clapping powers.

Meanwhile, John is making his costume. He's currently getting his fabric.

The camera switches and the inside of a store is shown with two men having a conversation.

"So why do you need all of this stuff, anyways?" questioned the cashier.

"I'm gonna become a superhero!" exclaimed John.

"A superhero, you say? What's his name going to be?" asked the cashier sarcastically

"Captain Clap" replied john



"Captain.... Clap?"

The cashier pauses and starts giggling

"Sure, kid. Have fun"

Leaving the shop, John sees someone wearing an all black costume with a hand logo in the middle of his suit. John gets a very strange and eerie feeling as the man smiles at John. He tries to chase down this mysterious man but he uses a grappling hook to get away. John kept thinking about it on the way back to his house. Could it be? No, that's impossible...Or is it?

The camera switches and John is seen looking confused. Staring at the fabric, he decides to finally make his costume.

The screen fades to black as John starts manufacturing his costume

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