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Tools, Tricks, and Tips for Map Making!

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Tools, Tricks, and Tips for Map Making! Empty Tools, Tricks, and Tips for Map Making!

Post by Dabiene Caristiana on Thu May 12, 2016 2:48 pm

There are a number of ways to making custom world maps. From online generators, to hand drawing it out...

But some of us just really don't like the way it turns out, such as the case of generators. They can be very limited to what we're aiming for. And with hand drawings... well, some of us just plain suck at fleshing out that wonderful map we want. Kinda like how we were awkward in pottery class and our creation looked like a sad blob instead of a pretty pot for mom and her mother's day flowers...

Below are some tips and tricks learned on how to make world maps. This hopefully will also be updated as suggestions and tips are offered:

Using GIMP 2.8:

Sites that help with Custom made maps: Inkarnate

"Professional" map making software that can be bought (ie, not free like gimp or Inkarnate):

Campaign Cartographer 3: &
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