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The Vanguard. by Shadowkitty

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The Vanguard.   by Shadowkitty Empty The Vanguard. by Shadowkitty

Post by shadowkitty on Sat Apr 02, 2016 4:41 am

The Vanguard.

“Eagle Leader Blue in position”

“Eagle Leader Green in position”

Fogerty listened to the buzz over the com as he manoeuvred his B180 Fighter behind the rest of his squadron; Orange team. The last in the vanguard fleet of twenty ships. 

Each Flight Unit flew five B’s; the small but deadly fighters that were fast and could spin on a dime. They carried the latest technology; twin mounted pulse beams that could be independently aligned, and the EM seeker missiles that had proven to be particularly devastating to enemy ships. The EM’s were affectionately known as Stingers and sometimes it seemed that the fighters did indeed engulf their enemy like a swarm of angry, buzzing bees.

“Eagle Leader Yellow in position and holding.” The monotone voice of Fogerty’s best friend Jackson, buzzed over the com. Fogerty peered out into the black on his left side and was just able to see the yellow speck that was his friend’s ship; his Flight Unit in a ‘V’ formation behind him. Normal chatter was now forbidden over the coms, otherwise Fogerty would have wished his friend good hunting.

He turned his attention back to the instrument panel in front of him and went over the checklist once again. 

This was not his first rodeo. Not by a long shot. He had over 30 missions on his file, so this one was just another to add to the list. 

Enemy activity had been gaining in momentum and word was they were getting ready to make another move on the border. The border that Eagle Squadron so fiercely protected.

The rest of the Squad lay some miles back, closer to the boarder to catch any enemy fighters daring enough to slip past the Vanguard. If they did manage to get through, they would be met by one hundred B120’s looking for blood. They were spread thin along the border markers, with a larger cluster surrounding the station that housed the fighters and their pilots, along with the medical unit; the last one for leagues.

“It’s quiet out,” someone said over the com. Fogerty squinted out into the black shroud, dotted here and there by tiny silver specks. It reminded him of his favourite fiction novel “The Wolves”. 

Written over a century ago, it was set back on earth that was. A pack of rogue wolves were picking off people one by one in a small town in the mountains. The night was so black up there and yet, the sky was littered with stars. Fogerty always pictured the sky in that novel looking like it did right now; beautiful, but with unknown creatures, waiting to pounce and rip you apart.

“Another false alarm?” someone else asked.

“Not surprising. It came from HQ” another sneered. 

Fogerty chuckled to himself. More than once they had gone out, all fired up and ready to fight only to have the enemy not show up to the party.

“Quiet Eagle Unit.” The stern abrupt voice of the Unit leader silenced everyone. “Eagle Blue, what’s your report?” Fogerty waited, scanning his own scopes, which were silent.

“Clear Sir,” Eagle Blue reported back. Fogerty breathed out, not realising he was holding his breath. Maybe it is a false alarm after all? 

“Wait .…” 

Seconds ticked by as hearts began to beat quicker; hands gripped flight controls harder. And then came the call that the Unit had been waiting for.

“Enemy inbound!. I repeat, enemy inbound!” 

Fogerty stared at the scope and sure enough, the top of it started lighting up like a supernova. They were packed so tightly there was barely any black left on the scope.

“Give no Quarter,” the Unit Leader ordered. 

Fogerty flipped his visor down and the weapons display lit up in front of his eyes. He waited, as did the rest of the Flight Unit, but something was wrong. It was taking too damned long for the enemy to cross the small expanse of space. Fogerty checked his scope again and frowned as the mass of lights broke apart, the smaller blips spreading out to the sides, leaving one gigantic mass in the middle. It advanced forward as the smaller craft held back.

“What the…?”

“The Fuck is that?”  Suddenly the com erupted in a mass of voices as the forward fighters faced a terrifying unknown.

“REPORT!” Boomed the Unit Leader. But he was left unanswered as a massive red energy wave burst from the unknown vessel. It hit Blue and Green Unit and Fogerty watched in horror as the B’s were thrown about from the shock. White vapour spewed from every fighter. 

What is that? 

He had no time to think as the wave rolled towards him. He reefed back on the controls but was only able to spin his fighter ninety degrees before the wave hit him. It threw his ship sideways, causing him to knock his head against the side of the cockpit’s canopy.

Fogerty threw up his hands as the instrument panel crackled and sparked then finally did nothing.

“What the fuck?” he swore, flipping switches and dials. 

“Fuck, FUCK!” An explosion in the belly of the ship knocked him about again and he watched as a white vapour poured past his left window. His body clenched as he finally realised what the vapour was.


Even as he tried to process what had happened, he gulped down the small amount of air that was left in the cockpit.

“Fucking bastards!” he shouted as the massive vessel slowly retreated to let the smaller fighters take charge. 

They were all sitting ducks. 

That energy weapon had taken out all electronics and blown the oxygen tanks.  The entire Vanguard had been rendered inert in seconds. Fogerty yelled in defiance, as the black enemy ships pounced on Eagle Unit. 

He likened the attack to a line in his favourite book.  

Fogerty thought about that line, seconds before a blinding flash of light tore his ship apart.

"… and then the wolves came."

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