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Flash Fiction Submission Rules

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Flash Fiction Submission Rules Empty Flash Fiction Submission Rules

Post by Cordelia on Sun Mar 27, 2016 7:07 pm


1. Entries must be edited!  

Please make sure your grammar, punctuation, and spelling are as clean as possible before submitting your story.  

Failure to edit may result in your entry being removed, and you may be asked to make changes before a re-submission will be accepted.

2.  Entries must be no more than 1,000 words (does not include title).  Entries exceeding this word limit will be removed.  

You may resubmit your story once it meets the word limit.

3. Posting deadline is 11:58 PM, Sunday, PST (United States West Coast) each week. 

4. Entries are open for comment, and public voting (through open poll) throughout the week.  

Voting determines Reader's Choice winners.

Stories are reviewed and voted on by members, non-members (including friends and family who do not need to make accounts to vote), and Staff during the week while the next week's competition is open for submissions.

*NOTE: Please do not abuse the vote system.  Entries suspected of vote abuse (i.e. ghosting IP's, or using other methods to add as many votes to your story as possible),may be removed.

5. Voting is closed Thursday of every week.  Winner(s) announced Thursday night, and published Friday morning.

6. You may post stories you have already written as long as they a) meet the prompt requirements, and b) do not exceed the word limit, including stories you have previously posted to the forum, published independently, or had traditionally published.

7. Two winners will be chosen each week:  Staff Choice, and Reader's Choice.  If Staff Choice and Reader's Choice is the same, there may be only one winner for that week.

8. Entries to Flash Fiction Friday are subject to the Frowzy Café's publication and Creative Commons copyright terms.  Please read them here.  (I promise they aren't scary.)


1.  Winning stories are published to the Portal of this forum, our G+ page (a surprisingly active community for writers and exposure!), the Frowzy Facebook page, and Wattpad -- one of the leading platforms for independent writers to publish their work and gain exposure!

*NOTE: If there are enough entrants, all stories may additionally be published in an anthology collection on Smashwords.  If the collection is priced (instead of free), all proceeds go toward site fees and upkeep so we can keep the lights on and the servers running.

2. In the case of three or fewer entrants, all may be published to the Portal, G+, and FB. 

3.  Winners may select topic for the next prompt.

*NOTE:  Fan fiction IS accepted, but may not be included in collections (legal stuff, ya know).

Please make use of the Workshop forum, and F3 Workshop thread to polish your story as much as possible.

If you do submit a story, please think about leaving feedback on someone else's submission; we can all use encouragement, especially when we put ourselves out on a limb.

I've tried to make these rules fair and easy.  My deepest hope is not to scare anyone off, but to encourage active participation.  I hope I've accomplished some of that here.



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