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Post by Cordelia on Fri Mar 18, 2016 5:20 pm


1. Please make sure you have edited your story, including spelling, grammar, punctuation, syntax, and content.  Your story should be as thoroughly edited as you can get it. This will make it easier for readers to enjoy and appreciate your work.

2. Do not post anything to which you do not own the rights.  This is a section for sharing the stories YOU have written, not those which you have read online and enjoyed.  This is not a place for copypasta, or providing the text of existing books.  

3. Please include a content rating in the subject of your post if the content is graphically violent, or sexually explicit.  You may also provide trigger warnings if you feel your story warrants it.

4. Please include this Creative Commons
Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike License ] link at the bottom of your post so anyone cruising by is notified that your story isn't up for grabs.  The internet is a wild frontier fraught with dangers for the unwary writer.  We share our stories with each other all the time, and this is just one way to help protect our work from outright theft, or for-profit sharing.  If ANYONE is going to make money off your story, it should be you.

5. Double check formatting with the Preview button. Sometimes the transfer from word processor or G-Docs to the text box can result in some funky formatting.  Make sure your post looks the way it should by using the preview button below the text box, and clean up any glaring errors you find.

6. Post in the correct section.  If your story exceeds 7500 words by more than 500, please post in Novellas and Novels.



By posting your story here, you are giving the Frowzy Café permission to publish (host the publication of) your work on the forum, and the non-exclusive rights to republish your work, in whole or in part, on websites affiliated with the Frowzy Café forum such as, but not limited to, the Frowzy Café Wattpad account (as in the case of contest winners), and the official Google+ and Facebook page activity feeds, under the Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike License (meaning a work may be published, republished, or be a derivative work of the original, used exclusively for non-commercial purposes with notice of the Creative Commons License above, and only with proper attribution to you, the author).  

You retain the legal rights to your story and the intellectual property it represents.

You may remove your work, or request its removal from the forum at any time, but works published externally remain protected by the above license with which you have agreed to comply by submitting your story here.  That said, works republished on Frowzy Café affiliated sites (such as Wattpad) will be removed at author's request.


The above notice exists for the following reasons:

1. A work published in large part, or in whole, on the internet, is considered published by agents, editors, and traditional publishers.  Therefore, any publisher looking for first publication rights to your story will not accept anything which has been made available to the public for free, in large part, or in whole, if what you offer them is predominently unchanged from the version available online.

This CC notice stands to inform you that anything you share in this section is considered legally published, though protected.  If you are seeking paid publication of your story, do not post it here (or anywhere else on the internet accessible to the public) for free before you sell it.

2. The Frowzy Café cannot protect your story from theft, dissemination, or modification, but it can offer you a legal starting point to defend your rights under the Attribution-Non-Commercial-ShareAlike License.  If you see your story reproduced in whole, or in substantial part, without attribution, or notification of the CC license, you may have some legal ground to stand on.  Especially if there's profit involved.

3. The Frowzy Café seeks to bring attention to the works of the members within this forum.  One method of gaining exposure is to publish creative works through affiliates outside the forum.  By posting your story here, you are granting us the permission to republish that work, without alteration, to help you increase your own exposure, and enjoy the benefits of sharing your work with others.



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