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A Safe Place for Questionable Posts Empty A Safe Place for Questionable Posts

Post by Sinickal on Wed Mar 16, 2016 9:32 pm

Here we are in beautiful Cyberville! This place is huge! It's got food, it's got animals, it's got cartoons, videos, forums, whatever you can think of, Rule 34 has got you covered! This thread, one of my own creation, is intended to not show anything related to Rule 34. However! You can talk about food, about videos, about animals and forums. Whatever you want to talk about, this thread is for you!

Some rules:

1: If I don't like it, it's probably too offensive, because there's very little I don't tolerate.

2: If I don't like it, I likely cannot or will not do anything about it, due to either inability or laziness.

3: If I catch you, ANY of you - yes you!- trying to kill the fun vibe, I will say so. On the thread. And I will do anything possible to kill you fun-killing-killery.

4: I needed a longer list, so I did this one. FOLLOW IT!!!

Okay, that's all. Who's up for first bat?

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