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World (Vas) Introduction - READ FIRST

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World (Vas) Introduction - READ FIRST Empty World (Vas) Introduction - READ FIRST

Post by BloodKnight_Anna on Tue Mar 15, 2016 6:07 pm

About Vas

      Vas is the world/universe created by me - originally intended for novels, but that seemed to have changed for multipurpose usage. If you are here, then you have expressed some interest in learning more about the world (or perhaps even to begin an adventure within!) In either case it warms my heart to hear/see that, and so I shall guide you to as much information as I can about my world so that you can understand it better, and how to create a character that will fit within its rules and lore.


      This section will be pretty simple. It'll be for general discussions and questions about Vas. Something not covered in the info stickies, or perhaps you want to know something further that you might not understand within the stickies, or questions about how to make your characters, and other similar questions.

      All that I ask is for everyone to be respectful to each other, no flaming/trolling/etc common sense rules.

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