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Post by Cordelia on Tue Dec 06, 2016 10:00 am

If you've dropped by any time in the last week, you may have noticed the forum undergoing some heavy cosmetic changes.  The software is such that I have to be careful how many drastic changes I perform in a single day, because too many apparently gives Forumotion an aneurism and it substitutes old themes for new changes, and refuses to suddenly switch back.

So, we're almost done tweaking the major portions, like colors throughout, and background image uniformity.  Over the next couple of weeks all the little things like buttons and scroll bars will be replaced, as well, but I have to actually make the new icons, first.

So, forgive the mess; the forum is still fully functional, and all your stories and posts are exactly where they should be.  This should all be smooth sailing from here. Very Happy

- Cordelia

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