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Everybody needs a cookie

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Everybody needs a cookie Empty Everybody needs a cookie

Post by PinkCookie on Sat Dec 03, 2016 10:53 am

Hey everybody, I'm new here. Nice to meet you.

About me, I'm late 20's, but i feel ancient and not in a good way. You know how you're supposed to get wiser with age? Well, I feel like that's working in reverse. I'm literally the Benjamin Button of aging dumber.

Everybody needs a cookie Octobe10
God I wish I was still that thin...

Anyway... I used to teach English as a foreign language for a living while I lived in Japan.
That was a blast. Yay Japan cheers
Now I'm back living in California with my family Mad  ugh.

I teach Japanese for a living, but all that does is feed my coffee habit. I write a lot, but not well, and hardly professionally. I'm probably here looking for more post-NaNoWriMo bonding with other readers/writers/literate folk.

Pleasure to make your acquaintance and what not.

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Everybody needs a cookie Empty Re: Everybody needs a cookie

Post by Cordelia on Mon Dec 05, 2016 10:48 am

I'm so glad to have you aboard.  May I call you Cookie? Wink

It sounds like you've had an interesting experience in life so far.  I'm glad I got the chance to meet you over NaNo, and I look forward to spending more time getting to know you and your work (hopefully!) in many years to come.

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