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Post by KivuliTheKhajiit on Fri Jun 03, 2016 11:24 pm

Contrary to what people believe, this race has no link or connection to Lucifer or Hell itself. Although their physical appearance leads the uninformed to assume otherwise.

(Insert general male and female demon pics here)

Despite the name and their appearances, Demons are actually a rather peaceful and quiet race as they prefer to keep to themselves. Masters of nature, they are built to leap through trees and vault over landscapes like monkeys themselves. Wings are meant more for short gliding like the air gliders humans use, although can be used for longer flights. Tails act as balance when running and leaping, as well as anchors and an extra appendage capable of grabbing objects and environments. The arrow tip on the end is made of solid bone, and is used for both stabbing into objects as an anchor as well as a weapon for offense and defense in combat. Horns used mostly as caste symbol and frontal combat weapons, and often elaborately decorated (though with what depends on caste level). Feet are also capable of grabbing onto objects as well, and have claws mainly for better gripping power for various jobs.

They have a very pack-like culture and caste system. Alphas are the group's leaders. This isn't always succeeded by the ruling family's child, as a trial is set for anyone seeking to be the next Alpha pair. This is to make sure the people in charge are the best fit for the job, although this doesn't always work to weed out the truly unfit.

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