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Coradum Language - Coradi

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Coradum Language - Coradi

Post by Dabiene Caristiana on Thu May 12, 2016 1:37 am

The Cordi language is suppose to sound rough and a bit hard on the throat. Often sounding garbled and gravely. The language is influenced by taking Latin words as a base template, and using a format used from a generator to create a few words. Sentence structure is simple, each word is a single word. As such you will not get a huge sentence for only a few words, and vice versa. However, some small words in the English language may contain more than 3 syllables in the Coradi language.

Letter 'k' is generally supposed to sound garbled, or making a hacking noise. 'C' is always hard. Such as in the case with Latin. As of now I haven't come across a latin word with a 'C' that was pronounced like 'S'. The letter 'Q' has a shared relationship with the sound of 'k' (kuh sound) as well as the 'Qwa' sound. A lot of the words tend to be vowel heavy. Again, when saying the words aloud, if it sounds harsh and hard to pronounce, you are probably pronouncing/saying it correctly. The language is harsh just like the native speakers.

Down below is a list made so far.

Hello - Sorqa
Goodbye - Vora
Welcome - Hukveseik
Certainly/Yes - Eseik
Not/No - Num
Daughter - Fereo
Daughters - Fereok
Son - Fereik
Sons - Fereur
Mother - Moser
Father - Posrak
Brother - Frosar
Sister - Surur
Boy - Viar
Girl - Viarro
Man - Ver
Men - Vere
Woman - Kirear
Women - Kirearak
Up - Nisreu
Down - Imkro
Come - Vamera
Go - Voda
Going - Vodamsak
Dog - Comek
Cat - Cosik
Horse - Corrobik
Like - Sekerek
Hate - Odeik
I/Me - Asu
My - Mao
You - Vuk
He - Ivka
She - Pioa
Her - Siik
His - Seik
They - Irre
Sword - Svodo
Shield - Scidu
Over - Kivar
Under - Kib
Hunt - Voval
Hunter - Vovudal
Huntress - Vovudlav
At/To - Od
That - Piud
Do - Koceu
Is - Aks
Who - Piek
What - Pied
When - Piomdu
Where - Ube
Why - Cir
Which - Qio
How - Pie
There - Errec
Told - Norroqes
Here - Rec
Are - Kims
Good - Bumik
Bad/evil - Morik
Pure - Pisik
Your - Sie
Better - Kareik
Worse - Vaeik
Children - Kereurik
Get - Odavsu
A/The - Ro
Life - Qeso
Live - Qeqas
Dead - Mursiik
Death - Mursak
Kill - Coadu
Save/Safe - Sorqik
Ready - Porose
Please - Procara
Thanks/Thank you- Groseok
Them - Euk
Curse - Moradec
And - Es
Am - Sik
Praise - Loik
Way - Mudu
Tavern - Tobarmo
Blacksmith - Farroreik
Of - Ob
In - Em
For - Pruvsar
Or - Var
It - Ekku
As - Us
Be - Ares
On - Si
Off - Aq
With - Cik
Can - Vusaks
Have - Hobams
This - Huc
An - Um
By - Do
But - Sad
From - Fruk
More - Ursro
Will - Vurimsk
If - Se
Some - Qiedok
About - Parevuik
Which - Qiebik
Their - Eurik
One - Umik
Two - Diubik
Three - Trebik
Four - Qiossiur
Five - Qiempia
Six - Sax
Seven - Savsak
Eight - Ocsu
Nine - Nuqak
Ten - Dacak
Do - Focesa
Doing - Foceamsak
Love - Akora
Hate - Ode
Name - Proamukam
Was - Fies
Work - Ovik
Field - Asre
Fields - Asruk
Someone - Arepiek
Call - Kreke
Guard - Ciksudaro
Guards - Ciksudebik
Would - Nuries
Coin - Cuem
Bronze - Oak
Copper - Oarek
Silver - Comau
Gold - Airik
Golden - Ailoik
Merchant - Marcosur
King - Rax
Prince - Rasirik
Princess - Rasemok
Bear - Urkik
War - Barrik
Warrior - Barrosur
Peace - Pox
Peaceful - Pocek
Brave/Strong - Fursek
Attack - Imsriu
Defend - Tisur
Because - Pieo
Keep - Cikdak
Keeper - Cikdaka
Hammer - Murroa
Rider - Etiok
Riders - Etioku
Guide - Diddal
Suffer - Pose
Suffering - Poskik
Awful - Derik
Fate - Kosik

Sentence examples:

What are you doing? Pied kims vuk foceamsak?
Where are you going? Ube kims vuk vodamsak?
Hello, how are you? Sorqa, pie kims vuk?
Hello, what is your name? Sorqa, pied aks sie proamukam?    
I would like a room, please. Asu nuries aku ro carro, procara.
Someone call the guards! Arepiek kreke ro ciksudebik!
I love you. Asu akora vuk.
I hate you. Asu ode vuk.
I like you. Asu sekerek vuk.
Do you like me? Koceu vuk sekerek asu?
How is he? Pie aks ivka?
How is she? Pie aks pioa?
How was work in the fields? Pie fies ovik em ro asruk?


Coradi has a similar style to Anglo Saxon script. As of now, it is not created/styled. Suggestions welcomed.


The generator used to help create/start the Coradi language can be found here:

The setting Harsh 1 was used.

Latin was also used as a base template.

Some words I had to come up with on my own because I did not find the outcomes to be suitable. So my imagination is also a source. Wink
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