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In Regards To Races, Culture, Languages, and Advice

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In Regards To Races, Culture, Languages, and Advice Empty In Regards To Races, Culture, Languages, and Advice

Post by Dabiene Caristiana on Thu May 12, 2016 1:04 am

The world I am currently building, like any world one would make from scratch, is by no means small. The world is and will be compiled of many influences and different cultures, mainly mashes of ancient, dark age, and medieval age influences.

These will influence culture such as dress, language, warfare, form of government, history, and society structure.

That being such, such topics in regards to language building may be built upon or helped. Suggestions are always welcomed.

In regards to artistic building such as drawings and concept art, they are also very much welcomed as long as they keep with the outlined theme and culture.

Currently I will build each culture one at a time, or at the very least outline the basics of said culture before continuing to build. Again, any help, advice, or comments (both compliments and constructive criticism) are welcomed. Each Kingdom will also have a basic outline that includes generic info but will indeed have their own separate threads and their own special place for different topics and discussions. Thank you for reading this. Smile

NOTE: As a special note, as stated above in the first few lines, some of these cultures have some influence with real life cultures of the past and (quite possibly) present. Any culture that may offend someone or is deemed inaccurate, I will gladly discuss it. I do try and research well before I come up with sound/permanent ideas/decisions, as well as mesh random fantasy ideas out of the blue to make them blend. Please keep that in mind. Same goes to the rest of the threads in my world discussions. Thank you. Smile
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