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Human Sacrifice and Social Evolution?

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Human Sacrifice and Social Evolution?

Post by Cordelia on Wed Apr 06, 2016 5:26 pm

How stratified are the societies in your world?

Social stratification happens when a society creates and enforces a social class system wherein some lives are considered more valuable than others.  This can result in a clear "ruling class", or "elite class", and a clear "working" or "slave" class.  

A ruling class uses many tools to reinforce their control over the "lesser" classes.  One of these tools may have been human sacrifice.

New studies theorize that religious human sacrifice, coupled with a belief in supernatural punishment, may have contributed to the development of stratified social classes, and political complexity.

Could religious sacrifice in the distant past have affected the development of stratified social classes in your world?

Read the article that inspired the question here, and share your thoughts on human sacrifice and social development.

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